Residential installation in Kentucky


Coal Field Flooring expert residential installation team requires nothing short of perfection for every remodeling project

The licensed and insured professionals at Coal Field Flooring pay attention to details their primary objective for every residential flooring installation. The residential installation specialists at Coal Field Flooring always provide top-rated installation services for homeowners in Kentucky communities. We are equally competent with the complete range of flooring products including ceramic & porcelain tile, hardwood, vinyl, carpet, stone, glass, laminate and more.

Our highly-trained flooring installation crew stands ready to install the new floors you need in any room in your residence or even outdoors. Coal Field Flooring offers free estimates at extremely good prices and is always on hand to provide you with a free consultation during which we will answer any questions that you may have.



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Each homeowner's quality of life is important when it comes to residential flooring installations

All the members of our installation team have many years of industry experience; are trained to work with the full range of available flooring materials; and also share a common drive to make people’s lives better. We surely understand that improving your home will also improve your lifestyle, and we are all dedicated to making it practical and affordable for you to reach that goal.

There are a several things that contribute to a good installation project. Detailed planning is number one. You should become personally involved in the process to some degree, so that you will know first-hand that the work is being performed properly. Of course we understand that the average homeowner is definitely not a flooring expert, but we also believe that you should be informed enough to understand what we are doing as your remodeling project progresses. Coal Field Flooring wants you to ask for advice regarding which products will be best in terms of cost, maintenance and long life in your home.

Professional residential installation doesn't end with completed installation

Coal Field Flooring isn’t finished once your floors have been installed. We know that you will need to care for them properly. We will show you how to maintain your new flooring, because if you do so, it will protect your investment. Improper care can make your floors look worn and lifeless and can also damage your flooring, making it necessary for you to pay extra to repair or replace your floor.

Because maintenance after the installation is so necessary, our flooring specialists will provide you with detailed instructions supplied by the manufacturers.

If you are interested in requesting professional installation for your home, call us, e-mail us or visit us in our Madisonville, KY or Eddyville, KY showroom to discuss your need for residential installation with one of our flooring experts.