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The average American will spend 182 days and 12 hours in the shower over the course of their life. Spend that time well by purchasing a custom tile shower system from Coal Field Flooring! We have provided quality showers for homeowners in the Madisonville, Princeton and Hopkinsville at low prices for years. Fast installation makes it possible for you to experience the luxury of a customized tile shower sooner than you think! There is nothing more soothing than a shower after a long day. Treating yourself to a more enjoyable experience in a small way can make a huge difference. Even customers who are improving their bathrooms on a budget can still find a custom tile shower solution that works for them. All it takes is the right products and the right service provider.

How to build your ideal shower

Deciding you want a custom tile shower is the easy part. Figuring out where to begin can be difficult. This is especially true if this is your first time renovating your home. Working with people who have experience and industry knowledge can help. You can plan out your remodeling project in an effective way. The goal in the end is to have the shower that you want at a reasonable time and price.

So what should you keep in mind when you begin planning? Here are a few of our suggestions for important things to remember:

  • Your Budget: Having a set budget is one of the most important parts of a project. Knowing how much you want to spend can narrow down your choices. It can also prevent you from falling in love with products even though you cannot afford them. There is nothing more heartbreaking than building your perfect shower only to discover you cannot actually purchase it. Our experts can help you set a realistic budget based on what you have to spend. They can even help you find alternatives if you need to adjust your plans to save money. You can figure out what the necessities are and what can wait.
  • Your Lifestyle: Do you have children? Pets? Many family members or only yourself? These factors will affect what shower will best work for you. For example, we suggest tubs and removable shower heads to make bath time easier for children and pets. For a single adult, we might lean towards a flat open shower rather than a tub. You can save money by avoiding purchasing products that will not work for you. You can also see areas where you can splurge on luxury items like steam systems. It is all up to the way that you want your shower to function!
  • Your Design: What sort of design are you going for? Do you love classics like white porcelain and floral accents? Or do you prefer the sleek look of granite and chrome fixtures? Knowing what point of view you want to express can help with the shopping process. It helps the expert you work with offer more helpful suggestions based on what you want.

Getting started on the custom tile shower of your dreams is as easy as going online or picking up the phone. Visit Coal Field Flooring to see how homeowners in Kentucky have already updated their bathroom spaces. Call (270) 245-1834 to meet with an expert or get more information today!



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