Commercial installation


Coal Field Flooring commercial installation services make businesses look better, save time, money and prevent costly mistakes

Commercial installation by professionals matches your expectations for a business that looks great and is more comfortable for both your employees and customers. Coal Field Flooring provides top quality commercial installations for business owners in Kentucky communities. You can arrange for professional work at any commercial facility and have new flooring and fixtures installed quickly and affordably. We stock the highest quality flooring products and provide quick delivery so that the products reach you sooner. Coal Field Flooring installers are licensed, insured and trained to work quickly and efficiently. You can rely on the fact that your project will be completed on time and without any costly mistakes. Making your business look its best and be more functionally comfortable is never a problem when you have the top area flooring specialists in your corner throughout the remodeling project.

Commercial installations always your best choice

On occasion, some business owners attempt to cut corners in order to save money in the short term. This is often the case for new business owners with a limited available budget. What they fail to understand is that taking shortcuts and using inexperienced service providers, usually causes more problems in the long run. Cheap service generally means that mistakes will occur and the products will not function as they would have if professionally installed in the first place. You often end up spending more money to repair what should have been finished correctly to begin with. Coal Field Flooring firmly believes that quality results are always better than those one gets from a quick, cheap installation. Here are some of the things that sets our professional installation work apart from that performed by inexperienced installers:

  • Guaranteed work performed by licensed & insured installers.
  • Products selected and quality tested by experienced professionals.
  • Fair, flat rates vs. cheap rates that go up due to extra costs.
  • Fast, efficient work completed on time, every time.
  • In-depth inspections done before and after completed installations.
  • 24/7 customer service access online and by telephone.
  • Well organized, knowledgeable service providers.
  • Detailed instructions about how to care for your floors/fixtures.

You can trust that we will leave your business looking better than ever before. We will install all of your preferred products and fixtures so that they will last for many years ahead.



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Your time matters to coal field flooring in a commercial installation

We know that operating a successful business requires a good deal of time and energy. We also understand that your time and effort must go towards your business first, and that you don't have the time to worry about things like installation of your flooring. To make commercial business remodeling easier, you can contact customer service via phone, or online when you need us. You can get answers to your questions whenever you need them. Our flexible scheduling times make it easy for business owners to contact our flooring installation experts when it is most convenient. Coal Field Flooring design consultants make it easy for business owners to plan ahead of time. Our installation team will help you to purchase the desired products, have them delivered, and install them on time. Advance planning also makes you better prepared for any unexpected issues that might arise. For more information, call us, e-mail us, or stop by our showroom in Madisonville, KY or Eddyville, KY to discuss your commercial installation needs with one of our experienced flooring specialists.

Schonox self-leveling product

Pumpable synthetic gypsum self-leveling compound
Synthetic gypsum self-leveling compound suitable on cement, gypsum and various critical substrates. Designed for refurbishment work in interior areas. Can be installed to 2".

Suitable for:

  • Gypsum, concrete and cement based substrates
  • Ceramic tile, terrazzo, and sheet vinyl
  • Old water-resistant adhesive residues
  • OSB board and plywood